Wednesday, 20 November 2013

PBeM Turn 8

Well another Entente plane falls from the sky with  Navarre's Morane, flown by Paul being shot down by Jager in Immelmans Eindecker. We also have our first medal winner for  Bill, flying Keudells Halberstadt ( a veteran of my PBeM games) scoring 15+ damage on the enemy. He gets an Iron cross for services to the Kaiser, but will he survive to receive it?
The Germans seem to be getting on top now with a 3 to 2 advantage in planes over the Entente, will they retreat, or grit their teeth and turn back into the fray and vanguish the dastardly Boche!
Turn 9 orders in by 6pm Sunday folks, damage reports to follow for the unfortunate ones affected.
Bon Chance to you all

T 8.1

T 8.2

T 8.3

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