Sunday, 2 November 2014

Flames of War Soviet Horde

Here comes the Red Horde!
With the release of the new "Barbarossa" supplement I decided to do a Soviet early war army to combat my early war Germans.
I have two Batalions, a Strelkovy, and Tankovy
First up the Strelkovy
Strelkovy Batalon
Rated Confident Conscript in Barbarossa

You just gotta love those multiple turrets

In Barbarossa you don't get spotters so positioning of these guys will be vital?

Anti-Tank rifles
You can only have four attached to the HQ but I decided to paint them all up

Available in groups of four, you can also add up to two Maxims to your Strelkovy Companies

Strelkovy Company (1)
Thousands of Em!

HQ, 45mm Anti-Tanks Guns, and the Artillery Command in the back
Decided to use "Across the Volga" rule for the guns so will have the Battery off-Table

Artillery Staff Team, Spotter, and Command

Strelkovy (2)

Next up the Tankovy
I still have to get some T34 obr 1940 (Zvezda) to finish them off

Scout Tanks


More T26's

KV1's and a KV2

Quad Maxim AA

Air Support
So that's about it so far, about 3500 points of angry Communists! I may add some Pioneers to the HQ at some point and maybe get some more T34's, but at 215pts a piece they don't come cheap? Having said that they are almost unstoppable unless the Germans have some 88's?
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Monday, 25 November 2013

PBeM Turn 9

Hi All,

Well turn 9 see's another 3 planes bite the dust, and one leave the table, presumably out of ammo?

T 9.1

T 9.2

T 9.3

Bolt Action game

Played another game of Bolt action with my son, Harry on Sunday. He took the Americans again, while I had the Germans. We played 1000pts a side, I had an HQ, 4 infantry squads, Mortar, Sniper team, Artillery FO, Puma AC, Panzer IV, Medic, and MMG. He had HQ, 4 infantry squads, Sniper, Bazooka, 2 x .30 cal teams, Aircraft FO, Light Mortar, Sherman 75mm, and M8 Greyhound.

We played the Top Secret scenario, and he wiped the floor with me again, winning in turn 6, by getting off the table with the objective. It didn't help matters when my FO did a "Miscalculation" (Again!!), and Harry repositioned the bombardment, killing one squad completely, and pinning to death another 3!

Some pictures below of the early action, unfortunately I forgot to take photo's as we progressed through the game?

The Americans advance up the road, led by the M8

Looking down the road towards the advancing Americans

A glorious German advance, soon to be obliterated by a "Miscalculated" Artillery Bombardment

The Americans advance towards the Objective located near the barn

After my Puma Shot at, and missed the M8, Harry returned the favour and knocked out the Puma! What made it worse is that I'd positioned my HQ behind the Puma, so it couldn't reverse out of the way!!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

PBeM Turn 8

Well another Entente plane falls from the sky with  Navarre's Morane, flown by Paul being shot down by Jager in Immelmans Eindecker. We also have our first medal winner for  Bill, flying Keudells Halberstadt ( a veteran of my PBeM games) scoring 15+ damage on the enemy. He gets an Iron cross for services to the Kaiser, but will he survive to receive it?
The Germans seem to be getting on top now with a 3 to 2 advantage in planes over the Entente, will they retreat, or grit their teeth and turn back into the fray and vanguish the dastardly Boche!
Turn 9 orders in by 6pm Sunday folks, damage reports to follow for the unfortunate ones affected.
Bon Chance to you all

T 8.1

T 8.2

T 8.3

Monday, 18 November 2013

PBeM Turn 7

Hi Guys,

Well turn 7 sees our first "BOOM" card of the game, with Shawn's Morane Saulnier exploding under the guns of the blue Roland (Who is that exceptional, skilled pilot flying that plane I wonder? Ha-Ha)

Lots of fragile planes out there and it could go either way?

Turn 7 photos below, can I have turn 8 orders no later than Wednesday 20th November please?

T 7.1

T 7.2

T 7.3


Thursday, 14 November 2013

PBeM turn 6

Hi Guys,

Turn 6 photo's below

can I please have turn 7 orders no later than Sunday 17th November?





Monday, 11 November 2013


Hi guys,

Well another pilot bites the dust in turn 5, this time its Rick flying Wainwright's Morane (B4), shot down by "Flash" flying Udets Eindecker?

Turn 5 pics below

Can I please have turn 6 orders no later than 6pm GMT Wednesday 13th Nov?