Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wings of Glory repaints

Hi Everyone,

Having recently got some 1/144 decals of Ebay I decided to do some repaints. I had several F-Toys Albatros DIII's, and a couple of the original Wings of War Dr1's ( Rahns I think?). Pictures below. i hope you like them?
Wichards DIII
He has "Vera" on the side of his plane, presimably his girlfriend?

The Red Dr1 from "Flyboys" movie
The "Good" bad-guy?

The "Black Falcon" from "Flyboys" Movie
One of my favorite planes

Kissenberths captured Camel

Feel free to leave a comment?

Happy Gaming!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Flames of War Greeks (and also Italians?)

I have nearly finished my Greek force for FoW, just need to do the mortar platoon. The good thing is they will also double as my Italian force fighting in Russia, Sicily etc.
Hope you enjoy?
HQ: 1iC, 2iC, Boyes A/T Rifle, and Mortar
Solothurn Anti-Tank Rifle Platoon
(No don't laugh, this really is the Greek A/T Platoon!)

Motosikleta Platoon
i also have the dismounted troops as well

British Carrier platoon with Greek Crews.
Command carrier has "Ochi" (Greek for "No") written on the side

Captured Italian Tankettes used by the Greeks
2 Platoon of 3

Another shot of the fearsome Greek armour!

Greek rifle platoon
I've got four of these in total

Greek HMG Platoon
I've also got a platoon of HMG nests

Well I hope you like them, please feel free to leave a comment
Happy gaming!