Sunday, 2 November 2014

Flames of War Soviet Horde

Here comes the Red Horde!
With the release of the new "Barbarossa" supplement I decided to do a Soviet early war army to combat my early war Germans.
I have two Batalions, a Strelkovy, and Tankovy
First up the Strelkovy
Strelkovy Batalon
Rated Confident Conscript in Barbarossa

You just gotta love those multiple turrets

In Barbarossa you don't get spotters so positioning of these guys will be vital?

Anti-Tank rifles
You can only have four attached to the HQ but I decided to paint them all up

Available in groups of four, you can also add up to two Maxims to your Strelkovy Companies

Strelkovy Company (1)
Thousands of Em!

HQ, 45mm Anti-Tanks Guns, and the Artillery Command in the back
Decided to use "Across the Volga" rule for the guns so will have the Battery off-Table

Artillery Staff Team, Spotter, and Command

Strelkovy (2)

Next up the Tankovy
I still have to get some T34 obr 1940 (Zvezda) to finish them off

Scout Tanks


More T26's

KV1's and a KV2

Quad Maxim AA

Air Support
So that's about it so far, about 3500 points of angry Communists! I may add some Pioneers to the HQ at some point and maybe get some more T34's, but at 215pts a piece they don't come cheap? Having said that they are almost unstoppable unless the Germans have some 88's?
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