Monday, 23 April 2012

Damn those Sticky Bombs!!

I spent a very enjoyable Good Friday and Easter Saturday taking part in Mark L.'s FOW Crete campaign. The campaign was on all week culminating in a final battle on Easter Saturday. I played a scratch force of New Zealand Infantry and the first game I played was "Prison Valley"

Orders were to basically hold a village in the centre of the table and repel the oncoming Fallschirmajager. The game started well enough but then two Panzer II's showed up and basically ran amok! lol I assaulted with two infantry platoons armed with Sticky bombs and managed during the course of the game to kill 7 infantry stands and my 1iC by rolling "1's". My 2iC also got killed and I ended up with one command stand and about 18 infantry left. In the final turn the Germans threw everything they had at me, Arti, MG, HMG, A/T, but my lone officer manged to survive on a final roll of the dice, passing his motivation.

Second game was to hold the village of Kithanos, with some Cretan partizans and New Zealands, again against Fallschirmjager. Hidden in the buildings I managed to mow down most the Germans with rifle and HMG fire. Even the Cretans, hitting on a six wiped out one platoon of Fallschirmpioneers!

On the Saturday the third game was to repel a Fallschirmjager Para jump (Maleme Beach)and prevent them taking the village and getting on the big table (Maleme Airfield). The German drop lost half of one platoon when they landed in a minefield, and I managed to hold them up till turn 4. They had Von de Heydte leading them and his special rule kept bringing teams back from the dead(Very annoying!!) In the end I failed to pass a motivation to close assault, so the Germans captured the village.

Final game was Maleme Airfield, involving 6 players, My New Zealanders played it safe in this game and the Germans eventually took the objectives. All in all a great campaign and well done to Mark for organising it all. He's in the process of writing up reports in a "comic Strip" style.


Another project in the pipeline is going to be a Very British Civil War. I like skirmish games and this has caught my imagination. Basically an alternative history game, with the King failing to abdicate and marrying Mrs Simpson. Mosely is made P.M and the Facists side with the crown. The church is the main opposition, along with local Militia's. I'm in the process of painting up some Facists, Territorials, Militia, and Anglican League troops. Rules will be Triump and Tradegy and first up is some Facist Transports which I converted and painted from LLedo trucks, purchased from Ebay.

Lord C, and Helga shown for scale

Lord Chelmsford with his bodyguard Helga, and his staff Car

Feel free to leave a comment. More pics as and when I get them done.

The Jomsvikings are Here!

After getting my copy of the new Northern Fury supplement from Gripping Beast, I decided to get some more Jomsvikings and build another warband (This SAGA game really is cheap to get into, you dont need many figures etc etc lol).

My efforts so far

1 Warlord
3 groups of Hearthguard

This was supplemented by Jarl Sigvaldi and his Jomsvikings which I already had. I will use some of my existing viking's as warriors, luckily you don't have levies to worry about in the Jomsvikings Warband.

My Warlord
A lovely sculpt

1st group
I used and converted the free Scottish Warlord and the other three I had lying around. I particular like the guy with the wench slung over his shoulder!

2nd Group
All GB Figures

3rd Group
Again, all GB

Group shot, including Jarl Sigvaldi on the top right

All in all very impressed with the figures and I'm looking forward to getting them on the table and unleashing some Wrath on the enemy.

Feel free to leave a comment. Happy gaming!