Tuesday, 31 January 2012

ACW Black Powder

Hi All,

Did a play test for ACW using Black Powder Rules last week using the scenario from the back of the book. My partner grudgingly took the part of the Rebels, while I played the Union forces.
All Union forces, with the exception of a small picket and a unit at the Gun foundry start off table, with the Rebels entering from turn 1. the Rebs have to capture the town, Gun Foundry and Camp if possible.
I managed to take some pictures of the action but my camera died after turn 3 I think it was. Final result was a stunning victory for the Rebels with my partner rolling brilliantly all game. She now wants another game just so she can beat me again at "toy soldiers"!

Not much happened in turn 1, apart from a general Rebel advance, and them destroying the Union picet to a man! In the Union turn attempts to bring on the 3 brigades where somewhat fruitless!

Turn 2

On the Union right the 3rd brigade don't show up, so its left to the one unit to defend the Gun Foundry while the rebels advance

In the centre the Union Commanders move from the town in an attempt to get orders through to the Union reinforcements

On the Union left the 1st Brigade marches out from the camp to see what all the shooting is about!

View from Rebels side towards the Union camp

View from Rebel centre towards the town

View from Rebel left towards the Gun Foundry
"Lets get em Boys!!"

Turn 3

Union left, 3rd Brigade in trouble as the Reb's close in

2nd Brigade show up, just in the nick of time at the edge of town

A firefight ensures over at the union camp as the Rebel advance stalls

The rebels close in on the Union camp

The Rebel advance stalls in the centre

The Rebels about to overthrow Union forces at the Gun Foundry

At this point my camera died and the game lasted another couple of turns. In turn 4 the rebels routed the Union forces at the Gun foundry, and during turn 5 they overcame the Union camp. At this point I had to role for morale and failed so the Confederates had a resounding victory!

A great game and although i think we made mistakes and forgot rules it was a really interesting scenario, and I will definately play it agin ( But only if she lets me win this time! lol)

Friday, 20 January 2012

Dystopian Wars Prussian Blucher Class Dreadnaught

Finally got around to painting the Blucher Class Dreadnaught for Dystopian Wars

Just waiting for the arrival of two prussian scout ships and then the force is complate and ready to take on Her Majesty's Kingdom of Britannia in a battle for supremecy of the High Sea's!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Anglo-Dane recruits

After seeing a special offer at Blacktree design (40% off!) i have got some new Anglo-Dane recruits to replace the Wargames Factory plastic warriors and Levy that I had. Pictures below...

                                                        Warriors with spears

Warriors with axes
(New recruits at the front)

Levy with bows

And also in anticipation of the release of the Flemish Swords for Hire

If they don't turn out to be suitable I can always use them as an extra point of Sergeants for my Norman Warband

ACW 15mm Black Powder

Hi All,

As promised I have got around to taking some pictures of my Peter Pig 15mm Union and Confederate armies. I've still got a way to go for the Black Powder game I plan to do. Basically I have another three regiments of Union troops on the painting table at the moment and am yet to buy some Reb's once funds allow.

                                   Confederate Artillery

Confederate Infantry

Union Infantry

Union Artillery

And just as an aside a picture of some of the homemade worm fences i made, basically a strip of picture mounting board with household matches glued on? Simple, yet rather effective I think, and pretty cheap to make also

So thats it so far, three more regiments of Union troops on the painting table, Iron Brigade, Zouaves, and Black troops. Then Im looking to get some more Reb Infantry and Cavalry for both sides.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

FOW Competition/ League??

Played the first two games at the TWWS club meeting on Sunday with my German Gepanzertegrenadier Kompanie and managed to draw both games? lol

First up was against Paul with his Russian Infantry horde who basically overwhelmed my force, and luckily for me we reached the time limit before he got a convincing victory. It didn't help matters when he hit two of my Tigers with an artillery barrage and I managed to roll a "1" as an armour save for both (only needing a 2+ to save them!), consequently he bailed one and destroyed the other. All in all a good game and very close and we ended up with one point a piece.

Second game in the afternoon was aginst Bill and his Canadians. He had first turn and sent his Recce platoon shooting up the road towards the objective. In my first turn I managed to knock 3 of them out with PaK40's and then a couple of Shermans with my Tigers. Another close game but I made the mistake of not finishing off his Recce platoon to give him two lost platoons, instead of one, hey-ho, you live and learn? So the game ended with 2 points a piece, so a grand total of three points for me so far?

Black Powder ACW

Having recieved a copy of the Black Powder rules for Xmas (Thanks Mum!) i have been buying some more ACW stuff from the fabulous Peter Pig. So far I have in total 11 regiments of Union, with 4 guns, 2 limbers, and 2 Caissons, 8 regiments of Rebs, with 6 guns, 2 limbers and 2 Caissons.
I am looking to get some Cavalry for both Union and Confederate and some more Confederate Infantry to give me about 10 regiments in total.

So in about a months time I should be able to field the necassary forces for the scenario in the back of the Black Powder rulebook. Having scanned through the rules they look fairly straightforward but I'm yet to have a game with them so far.

I will post some pictures of my Union and rebel forces as and when I get time.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Dystopian Wars- The Prussians

Well iI've been making good progress with the Prussian Starter pack and have also done the Imperial SkyFortress which is a fantastic model. Still awaiting the Blucher Dreadnaught and Scoutships to round out the fleet.

Pictures so far

                                     The Fleet

Sky Fortress




And Bombers

I just have the tiny flyers to finish and then the Dreadnaught and scoutships when I get them? Then I'm ready to do battle against the Kingdom of Britannia!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Dystopian Wars- Kingdom of Britannia

I have now completed my Kingdom of Britannia starter box plus the Carrier, and Dreadnaught for Dystopian Wars. I went for the "Dazzle" effect camouflage on the ships, pictures below;

                         First up the Fleet in all its glory!







Tiny Flyers
(A bugger to paint!)
Torpedo Planes


I really enjoyed painting these models and the detail on them is brillaint. I would recommend them to anyone looking to get into this popular game. Next up their opponents, the dreaded Prussians! I have a starter box, plus the Sky Fortress, dreadnaught and I'm going to get two of the scoutships. Pictures to follow......