Sunday, 1 July 2012

Flames of war Battle of Rethymnon Airfield

Opening scene, Rethymnon Airfield, May 20th 1940
The village of Stavromenos, the Olive Oil factory, Airfield in the distance, and ridge held by Autralians and Greeek platoon on the left hand edge of the table

The Airstrip and control tower, one of the major objectives for the Fallschirmjager

German aerial bombardment on the Allied positions entrenched on Vineyard Hill and ridge

Another shot of the Stuka's coming in, this time from the Greek position on the ridge overlooking the Airfield

Death from Above!
Fallschirmjagers dropping onto the airfield

The Germans move to collect their containers. Allied Platoons are pinned down, and vehicles bailed out

Fallschirmjagers swarm over the airfield

Fallschirmjagers capture the airstrip

On Vineyard hill the Australians fail to unpin

Stuka's swoop down to attack the two Matilda's
Luckily they both survive

Pioneers on the move

Another stuka attack, this time against the Australians on Vineyard Hill

Matilda's and Bofors gun take revenge over on the airfield, wip[ing out one platoon, and beating off a close assault from another

A lone Armoured Car attacks the Pioneers, wiping out half the platoon

Things are going badly for the Fallschirmjager, they have lost two platoon, plus the HQ

The troops on Vineyard hill are managing to hold out

The game ended in turn 5 with the Germans down to 50%. As they'd lost their 1iC the automatically failed, resulting in an Allied victory, but it was a close run thing.

Overall an enjoyable game, especially the massed parachute drop at the start. Will definately play this one again.

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