Saturday, 22 September 2012

Wings of Glory


That nice postman bought me a package this morning from BoardGame Guru which contained the new Wings of Glory Early War series. Twelve planes in all, 3 Fokker Eindeckers, 3 Halberstadts,3 Airco DH2, and 3 Morane Saulniers. All for £105, which works out under £9 a plane. The good lady of the house stumped up for half the planes as a birthday present (thankyou Darling!). I can highly recommend all the planes, my only slight reservation was they seem a bit "shiny", but this was remedied with a coat of matt varnish.


Looking forward to their future releases, namely the D.Va of Von Hippel, and Jacobs, Kirschsteins Dr1, and Stackards Sopwith Camel. Hopefully these will be out before Christmas

Full Thrust

               In Space no one hears you roll ones!

I have just completed my two new stater Fleets from GZG, namely the Neu Swabian League (Ze Germans), and Europa States (Le Frenchies), for the Full Thrusting space combat game. All are very nice models, and in the starter fleet you get a couple of Frigates, Two Destroyers, two light Cruisers, a Heavy Cruiser, and a Battlecruiser. I added a carrier to each force, plus a couple of stands of fighters. They will have their first outing in space in a couple of weeks at the club meeting. Pictures below

The Neu Swabian Fleet
I went for an overall light grey paint job with splashes of red

The Fleet moves past an asteroid field

The Fleet manoevering across my space mat. Basically a double flat black bed-sheet, white paint pen stars, not bad for a tenner and an hours work?

Eurpa states Fleet (Le Frenchies). Went for a "Tau" style camouflage on these to contrast with the Neu Swabians?

Flying past the asteroids and a couple of small planets? i made these for my son years ago for his Star Wars Starship Battles game.

Next up will be trying some Firestorm Armada models (fabulous detail), Aquans, and Dindrenzi, using the Full Thrust rules? Should be interesting?

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Sunday, 16 September 2012


For the upcoming Barbarossa campaign I have decided to go as a Czech Panzer Company. With the addition of 4 Panzer III's i have now completed the army and await the invasion signal! First game weekend is 22/23rd so I'll report back on how the gallant German armour does?

Army list as follow;

1iC, and 2iC, both in Panzer 38T's

Czech Panzer Platoon
4 x 38T's

Czech Panzer Platoon
4 x 38T's

Mittlere Panzer Platoon
4 x Panzer III's

Recon Platoon
3 x Panzer II's

Grenadier Platoon
HQ plus 3 squads

Pioneer Platoon
HQ plus 3 squads

Artillery Battery
4 x 105's

Artillery Battery
6 x Nebelwerfers

Air Support
Stuka's (priority plus Shcwerepunkt)