Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Italian Reinforcements

I have always had a soft spot for the Italian Army in FoW, great kit and vehicles, variable morale, and crap tanks after 1941! But they do have nice artillery and guns and even the tanks can be nasty in early war, and against Infantry with their twin mg's?

So with bolstering their infantry comrades in mind I have some more reinforcements for the Legions of Rome, Cairo here we come!

Motociclisti Platoon, ,can be used as Recce, fast moving, and feathers in their hats! Whats not to like?
Motociclisti, the Italian version of "Easy Rider"

Italian 47/32 Gun Pit, can be devastating in Early War?


Coastal Guns
These are real bad boys, but tend to attract alot of enemy fire?

Fire Luigi!

Lancia Da 90/53
I love these models, and they tend to stick around a bit longer than the Coastal Guns

Lancia crew loading up the Big Guns!

Howitzer Battery with Staff Team, Command and Spotter
You gotta love the Italian Artillery!

The Italian Staff Team breaks for lunch
War is Hell!

Nothing comes between an Italian and his Momma's Bolgnese!

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