Monday, 23 April 2012


Another project in the pipeline is going to be a Very British Civil War. I like skirmish games and this has caught my imagination. Basically an alternative history game, with the King failing to abdicate and marrying Mrs Simpson. Mosely is made P.M and the Facists side with the crown. The church is the main opposition, along with local Militia's. I'm in the process of painting up some Facists, Territorials, Militia, and Anglican League troops. Rules will be Triump and Tradegy and first up is some Facist Transports which I converted and painted from LLedo trucks, purchased from Ebay.

Lord C, and Helga shown for scale

Lord Chelmsford with his bodyguard Helga, and his staff Car

Feel free to leave a comment. More pics as and when I get them done.

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