Monday, 23 April 2012

The Jomsvikings are Here!

After getting my copy of the new Northern Fury supplement from Gripping Beast, I decided to get some more Jomsvikings and build another warband (This SAGA game really is cheap to get into, you dont need many figures etc etc lol).

My efforts so far

1 Warlord
3 groups of Hearthguard

This was supplemented by Jarl Sigvaldi and his Jomsvikings which I already had. I will use some of my existing viking's as warriors, luckily you don't have levies to worry about in the Jomsvikings Warband.

My Warlord
A lovely sculpt

1st group
I used and converted the free Scottish Warlord and the other three I had lying around. I particular like the guy with the wench slung over his shoulder!

2nd Group
All GB Figures

3rd Group
Again, all GB

Group shot, including Jarl Sigvaldi on the top right

All in all very impressed with the figures and I'm looking forward to getting them on the table and unleashing some Wrath on the enemy.

Feel free to leave a comment. Happy gaming!

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