Friday, 17 February 2012

Sudan 15mm

I have been seduced into starting a 15mm Sudan War collection after seeing the marvellous Peter Pig figures on their website! My Great Grandfather fought in the Sudan Campaign and I suppose its a bit of a homage to him in some ways.
Initial purchases have been for British Highland Infantry, Fuzzy Wuzzies with rifles, and Dervish Camelry. I'm going to be getting more British, including Camelry, Cavalry, Artillery, and Naval Machine guns, plus oodles more Dervish and Fuzzy Wuzzies over the next few months as funds allow.

First set of pictures are of the Fuzzy Wuzzy with rifles, and Dervish camelry Unit, and Black Watch unit. Comments appreciated.
The Black Watch
(Devils in skirts!)
Another shot of the Black Watch
Beja with rifles
(They don't like it up em!)

Dervish Camelry
Another shot of the Fuzzy Wuzzies

So let me know what you think, more pictures to follow as and when I get the units painted? Next on the table is 3 units of Fuzzy Wuzzies with spears, and a unit of British Royal Marines?

Going to be buying some Naval machine guns, British Artillery, and Cavalry at Cavalier, Tunbridge Wells show, next week. Hope you can make it along, its a nice show put on by my club, Tunbridge Wells Wargaming Society, at the Angel Centre. See the TWWS link on the main page for details.

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