Monday, 5 March 2012

Flames of war Campaign Update

At this weeks Club meeting i played two games in our FoW league, both against British Armoured Company's. The first game was very close and from turn three either of us could have forced the other to do a Company Morale Check. As I had killed the British 1 ic I could have won the game. However a British Tank Platoon Close Assaulted my Infantry holding one of my Objectives and wiped them out, Game Over! lost 5-2

The second game was close as well but this time i had a platoon of 3 PaK 40's and an Infantry platoon holding one objective. However my opponent had two recon units (one Stuarts, the other Carriers), which basically machine-gunned the crap out of my PaK 40's and Infantry in the first turn. This put me on the backfoot a bit and while I managed to destroy most of the recon in my turn one and two, it gave him the upper-hand? He then followed up with a Tank Platoon and his HQ platoon in turn 4 and close assaulted the remaining infantry holding the objective. Again, Game Over. Lost 6-1
The only saving grace in both games was that my Tigers seem to be pretty much invulnerable to British Tank fire, in fact the platoon of 3 Tigers were unscathed in both games? I didn't help my cause with some terrible dice throwing in both games?
I now have to work out how to play my Germans to stop them getting over run by superior forces? I may Kampfgruppe one of the Tigers with a Gepanzertgrenadier Platoon to be a mobile defence, and use the other Gepanzertgrenadier Platoon, and my 2 remaing Tigers to attack with?

Other games yesterday saw German SS beating Russian Infantry, a German Armoured Company beat a Russian Tank Company, in two other games, and British Armoured beating German Armoured, so honours pretty much even overall?

Bill who has organised the League is keen on doing an Early War League next, so I'm going to do a 7th Panzer Company, with Panzer 38t's, and Panzer II's. Bill is doing Polish, there will be a couple of French Companies, and another couple of German Companies. I'll post some pictures of my Germans as and when I get them done.

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