Monday, 5 March 2012

Flames of War Early War Czech Panzer Company

Having decided to do a German Czech Panzer Company for the forthcoming EarlyWar League at the club I have started to paint up the miniatures. Initially I've got HQ, 2 x Panzer 38t Platoons, and a Panzer II platoon, which are all Zvezda models (very good too, especially the 38t's), and the transport for my Panzerschutzen platoon (4 x 250/1C's),m which are plastic Soldier.  

HQ Platoon

Panzer 38t Platoon

Panzer 38t Platoon
Panzerschutzen Transports
Panzer II Platoon

The remainder of the Company are the Panzerschutzen Infantry stands, 10.5cm Artillery Battery, SdKfz 221(MG) and SdKfz 222(2cm), which will be the recon Platoon, and finally Priority Air Support, with Stuka Schwerpunkt.
I will post pictures of the rest of the Company as and when I get them done?

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