Monday, 4 June 2012

Flames of War "Battle of Kufra"

Been quiet for a while due to work commitments, but I managed to put on a Battle of Kufra game at the club meeting this Sunday.


1 x Mitraglieri Platoon and 2 A/T guns in the fort
1 Libyan Rifle Platoon in the Village
1 Italian scratch force (1 A/t Gun, 1 HMG, 2 Infantry Stands, 1 Command Stand, and an AA gun) defending the Airstrip
Sporadic Air

Delayed, random reserves
3 Autosahariana Platoons
1 Mitraglieri Platoon

Set-up anywhere on the table 12+" away from an enemy

4 Infantry Platoons
1 HMG platoon
1 Mortar Platoon
1 single 75mm Gun
2 Armoured cars
3 carriers

N.B If the French capture the village they get two additional Italian AA guns mounted on trucks.

Pictures of the action below

Initial Set-up
Fort El-Taj dominating the table, with the village, Oasis, and Airstrip

Libyan rifle platoon defending the Village as the Free-French advance

Free-French advance on the Airstrip led by a recon carrier platoon

French attack the village, led by the two armoured cars.
Meanwhile Infantry, mortars, and HMG, along with the 75mm Gun pound the Fort.

Over at the Airstrip the French attack, destrying an AA gun empacement!

French infantry attacking the fort, but suffer withering fire from the italian HMG.
In return they manage to kill three Italian infantry stands

Turn 4
The Italians get reserves and the Autosahariana counterattack the French at the village, destroying the armoured cars with their superior firepower!

Over at the Airstrip more Sahariana arrive to defend the Airstrip

Turn 5
Not looking good for the French as another platoon of Autosahariana arrive from reserve, machine gunning the French infantry, pinning them down in the open, and halting their attack!!

Turn 6
The Italians overwelm the French at the Village

French Infantry attacking the fort have almost been destroyed! They've lost their HMG, Mortars and most of the Infantry Platoon

More Italian Mitraglieri arrive from reserve, things aren't going well for the French anywhere on the table!


Its all over!!
Fort El-Taj remains in the hands of the Italians, as does the Village, and Airstrip
The Free-French are a broken force!

So a resounding victory for the Italians! The French player rolled low all game, and the Italians rolled high, which didn't help? Also the Italian player got his reserves when and where he wanted them, which helped defeat the French?

Next month I'll be doing an attack on Rethymnon Airfield during the Crete Campaign. Fallschirmjagers parachuting in, against Greek and Australian defenders! Should be bloody?!?

Hope you enjoyed this AAR. Please feel free to leave a comment as feedback is always appreciated. Happy gaming!

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