Friday, 29 June 2012

Italian Autosahariana

Flames of War  Italian Autosahariana

I have now completed my Italian Autosahariana Company, comprising of HQ, plus 4 platoons. I used a mixture of trucks to reflect the adhoc nature of desert raiding forces. These were AS37's, Italian tractor tows and Opel Blitz, painted in Italian colours to represent Fiats? They are armed to the teeth with AA guns, Solothurn A/T gun, a 47/32 A/T gun and numerous mg's. Classed as Confident Veterens they should be a formidible opponent for the LRDG?

Their next outing should be a raiding weekend over at Mark L's place? Will report back on how they fair.

And some shots from a recent "Battle of Kufra" club game where the Italians kicked a Free French forces butt!

Hope you enjoy? Feel free to leave a comment.

Happy Gaming!

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