Thursday, 12 January 2012

FOW Competition/ League??

Played the first two games at the TWWS club meeting on Sunday with my German Gepanzertegrenadier Kompanie and managed to draw both games? lol

First up was against Paul with his Russian Infantry horde who basically overwhelmed my force, and luckily for me we reached the time limit before he got a convincing victory. It didn't help matters when he hit two of my Tigers with an artillery barrage and I managed to roll a "1" as an armour save for both (only needing a 2+ to save them!), consequently he bailed one and destroyed the other. All in all a good game and very close and we ended up with one point a piece.

Second game in the afternoon was aginst Bill and his Canadians. He had first turn and sent his Recce platoon shooting up the road towards the objective. In my first turn I managed to knock 3 of them out with PaK40's and then a couple of Shermans with my Tigers. Another close game but I made the mistake of not finishing off his Recce platoon to give him two lost platoons, instead of one, hey-ho, you live and learn? So the game ended with 2 points a piece, so a grand total of three points for me so far?

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