Tuesday, 31 January 2012

ACW Black Powder

Hi All,

Did a play test for ACW using Black Powder Rules last week using the scenario from the back of the book. My partner grudgingly took the part of the Rebels, while I played the Union forces.
All Union forces, with the exception of a small picket and a unit at the Gun foundry start off table, with the Rebels entering from turn 1. the Rebs have to capture the town, Gun Foundry and Camp if possible.
I managed to take some pictures of the action but my camera died after turn 3 I think it was. Final result was a stunning victory for the Rebels with my partner rolling brilliantly all game. She now wants another game just so she can beat me again at "toy soldiers"!

Not much happened in turn 1, apart from a general Rebel advance, and them destroying the Union picet to a man! In the Union turn attempts to bring on the 3 brigades where somewhat fruitless!

Turn 2

On the Union right the 3rd brigade don't show up, so its left to the one unit to defend the Gun Foundry while the rebels advance

In the centre the Union Commanders move from the town in an attempt to get orders through to the Union reinforcements

On the Union left the 1st Brigade marches out from the camp to see what all the shooting is about!

View from Rebels side towards the Union camp

View from Rebel centre towards the town

View from Rebel left towards the Gun Foundry
"Lets get em Boys!!"

Turn 3

Union left, 3rd Brigade in trouble as the Reb's close in

2nd Brigade show up, just in the nick of time at the edge of town

A firefight ensures over at the union camp as the Rebel advance stalls

The rebels close in on the Union camp

The Rebel advance stalls in the centre

The Rebels about to overthrow Union forces at the Gun Foundry

At this point my camera died and the game lasted another couple of turns. In turn 4 the rebels routed the Union forces at the Gun foundry, and during turn 5 they overcame the Union camp. At this point I had to role for morale and failed so the Confederates had a resounding victory!

A great game and although i think we made mistakes and forgot rules it was a really interesting scenario, and I will definately play it agin ( But only if she lets me win this time! lol)

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