Thursday, 12 January 2012

Black Powder ACW

Having recieved a copy of the Black Powder rules for Xmas (Thanks Mum!) i have been buying some more ACW stuff from the fabulous Peter Pig. So far I have in total 11 regiments of Union, with 4 guns, 2 limbers, and 2 Caissons, 8 regiments of Rebs, with 6 guns, 2 limbers and 2 Caissons.
I am looking to get some Cavalry for both Union and Confederate and some more Confederate Infantry to give me about 10 regiments in total.

So in about a months time I should be able to field the necassary forces for the scenario in the back of the Black Powder rulebook. Having scanned through the rules they look fairly straightforward but I'm yet to have a game with them so far.

I will post some pictures of my Union and rebel forces as and when I get time.

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  1. Looks great. Tell me... what base sizes are you using with 15mm BP?