Tuesday, 17 January 2012

ACW 15mm Black Powder

Hi All,

As promised I have got around to taking some pictures of my Peter Pig 15mm Union and Confederate armies. I've still got a way to go for the Black Powder game I plan to do. Basically I have another three regiments of Union troops on the painting table at the moment and am yet to buy some Reb's once funds allow.

                                   Confederate Artillery

Confederate Infantry

Union Infantry

Union Artillery

And just as an aside a picture of some of the homemade worm fences i made, basically a strip of picture mounting board with household matches glued on? Simple, yet rather effective I think, and pretty cheap to make also

So thats it so far, three more regiments of Union troops on the painting table, Iron Brigade, Zouaves, and Black troops. Then Im looking to get some more Reb Infantry and Cavalry for both sides.

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