Monday, 12 December 2011

Flames of War 8th Army

My second army (well actually the first one I collected) is the 8th Army, who are usually up against my Italians? Infantry are all Peter Pig, vehicles are a mixture, and the planes are a plastic kit.

                                         The "Old Man", Binky Heyho, and 2iC

Infantry Platoon
Again i have 3 of these but they're all the same



                                                                   2 pdr's

                                                            25 Pdr Battery


                  And finally the RaF, I've only got two planes rather than 3, but you get the idea?

Not a bad little force, and they've been in North Africa long enough to get they're knees brown! The "Old Man", Binky, knows his stuff but the armour does tend to get the whip out and charge into enemy anti-tank screens more times than not!?

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