Saturday, 10 December 2011

Flames of War Large Desert Game

Last months club meeting saw us playing a large FOW desert game with 3 companies per side. I took along my Italian Fucilieri, and Desrt Rats, Chris had his 8th Army, and Andrew supplied the Afrika Korps, and Bersiglieri.Thanks to Simon for taking all the pictures

So the Allies were Alan, Chris, John and Tony against John, Andrew, Simon, and myself. As we were Italians for the most part we decided to defend(rather than just run away!!). The game started with the Khamseen blowing so night fighting rules were in force.

Pictures of the game below


                                          Me on the right about to fail some roll (again!)


My 90/53 AA guns about to get wiped out by Allied recon in turn 1

                John and Tony enjoying trouncing the Italians while i look for more flame markers

John gets revenge on Tony's Recon carriers

Lots of italian casualties! And a few Allied ones

The Bersiglierii hold the Axis right flank in the village

Highlight of the game for me was my planes attacking on the left flank and destroying two Valentines

The Italian airforce finally arrive, unfortunately they only managed one attack all game

Final result was a draw as we ran out of time, but my Italian Fucilieri were close to breaking on the left flank so a pretty close run thing for them. A very enjoyable game and nice to get lots of troops on the table.

In the New Year we are starting a Flames of War league, being organised by Bill and have about 15 armies taking part? Should be interesting, I'm using a Panzer Lehr force with attached Tigers and I will post pictures of my games as and when they happen.

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