Monday, 12 December 2011

Flames of War Italians

At last i seem to have got around to taking pictures of my FOW armies, first up is the Italian Fucilieri, with Carri Company support. I've played these guys 5 times at the club so far and they have won one game and drawn four, not bad for the Italians. I always take a moral victory if they happen to get over the half-way line in any battle lol


                                        Italian HQ with Solothurn anti-tank guns

Fucilieri Infantry platoon
(I've actually got 3 of these in my Company but they're all the same)

Italian Mortar Platoon

                                                      Italian HMG Platoon


                                                              Anti-Tank Gun Platoon
                                 (Will just about scratch the paintwork of any Allied Tank!)

                                                                 Artillery Platoon
                         Much more successful if used in direct fire rather than bombardments

                            The pride of my force, The Heavy AA Platoon, or the Italian version of 88's 
  Unfortunately these seem to get destroyed in the first turn in most of the games I've played?

                              Light AA platoon, ok at shooting down the RAF, sometimes??


                            The Italian Airforce, they can be very effective if and when they turn up!!

                                       Light Tank Platoon, pretty useless, nuff said!

                                              Italian M14/40 Tank Company
                                       Better against enemy Infantry than armour

Another favorite of mine, Semovente's

So there they are, my Italians, not always rubbish, depending on how I roll on the Eight Million Bayonets rule, but hardly the best army in FOW. However always fun to play and I like the models.

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