Thursday, 8 December 2011

SAGA Norman Warband

The rest of the guys for my Norman SAGA Warband giving me 7 points in total, so I can have a bit of flexibility depending on who I'm up against??

First up 4 points worth of Knights, these are all plastic Conquest figures apart from one who is a metal Gripping beast figure, and was my original Warlord. He has since been demoted to the ranks following the purchase of the Conquest figure "Robert Dux", who is much more animated on his rearing horse? Shields are all LBMS transfers, a fantastic product in my view.

Second up is two units of Sergeants, one armed with spears and in quilted armour, the second armed with crossbows, all minis are Crusader this time. Really love these boys and think I might get some more Crusader mini's at some point?

And finally my Levy Archers, this time a mixture of makers, Gripping Beast and Crusader

Up next time, Vikings and Anglo-Danes.......

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