Monday, 12 December 2011

Flames of War Late War British

My third army are my Late War British, the Tyne Tees Infantry, and 4th County of London Yoemanry to be precise. These two arms fought together directly after D-Day as the Yoemanries infantry were still waiting to come ashore. They saw action throughout the Normandy campaign, most notably at Villers-Bocage, where they ran into a certain Herr Wittman and his pussycat!

                                                        Tyne Tees up first

                     The Old Man, "Arthur Reginald Septimus Ecclestone", or "Arse"
                                          to his men, but only behind his back!?

Infantry Platoon (3 in total, one shown)

                                                       Mortars, 3" and 4.2" Plattons

6 Pdr Battery

All armed with .50cal machine guns


Sexton 25pdr Battery with Sherman Op's

Staff Team


The 4th County of London Yoemanry
They rode in Cromwell's, with a Sherman Firefly instead of all Shermans


Tank Platoon, I have four in total but only one shown

M10 Tank destroyers

Stuart Light Tanks

I have names on all the armour with decals from Dom's decals
The Armoured platoons and Hq are all named after birds (not historical but it ties them all together)

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