Monday, 12 December 2011

Flames of War Late War German

My final army, the Germans, primarily the Panzer Lehr, and SS Armoured Companies

                                                     First up, The Panzer Lehr


Gepanzertgrenadier Platoon
I have two, only one shown

Heavy Platoon

Hummel battery with Panzer III OP

PaK40 Anti-Tank Platoon

Nebelwerfer Battery


A couple of Objective markers

And my SS Armoured Company


Panzer Platoon
Panzer IV H's

SS Recon Platoon

SS Pioneer Platoon

So thats my LW Germans, I've just bought some Plastic Soldier Company STuG's which I'm going to add at some point, and I may get some PSC Panthers when they come out, just cos I love em!

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